I'm Aaron Fehlen - strategist, brand thinker, early adopter, and life-long problem-solver.

I’m currently in a hybrid role as both Lead Digital Marketer and UI Designer at Mobilize. In my free time, I’m reading books like Psychology of Money, listening to podcasts like How I Built This, and testing sweet new tools like Relume Library.

I specialize in Branding & Webflow Development and thrive in startup environments.  I’m a life-long learner - always finding a new challenge - and I’m currently focused developing my leadership ability.  I don’t just want to build brands.  I want to build up people.

I’m passionate about the No Code Movement and the tools that reduce development processes by hours or months.  I’ve always got my eye out for innovative No Code solutions.

I’m an early adopter by nature.  I’m always looking for innovative solutions to my problems and the problems I see business owners facing.

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Mission Cultivate

My current role, where I lead our branding and web development efforts as Marketing Lead.  I’ve provided design leadership and execution for all of our branding collateral - logo, pitch deck, website, etc. - and am involved in strategic business decisions, growth strategy, and client relationships.  We will be launching a podcast in the very near future, and we are in the process of building a team of experts to scale this company.

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Mission Cultivate logo
Phone mockup of Mission Cultivate site

CBT Church

A previous client relationship that began with a 2-week, onsite effort in which I led brand strategy workshops with the church’s leadership, refined their branding, and designed and developed their website.  After that 2-week period, we established an ongoing relationship in which I continued to provide design and consulting services for 12 months.

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Phone mockup of Collinsville Baptist Tabernacle website
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Church logo on blue, black, and white
Macbook mockup of Collinsville Baptist Tabernacle website

Simon Dude

A previous client relationship that began with a brand strategy session.  After delivering the strategy brief, we established an ongoing partnership in which I provided design, content creation, and consulting services and was involved in strategic business decisions.

Simon Dude logo
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Simon Dude logo on red background
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What I'm up to

Lead Creative.

A weekly curation of tools, resources, and thoughts to help creatives lead and leaders create.


Polywork is a up-and-coming professional network platform.  Like LinkedIn, but for people who have more going on than just their 9-5.

Public Code Collection

A growing collection of code snippets that I discover or use in my Webflow projects.

321 Landing Page

A project I developed to provide a low-ticket rapid deliverable to clients who didn’t need a full website build.  3 days. 2 grand. 1 revenue-generating machine.

Drone Panorama of snowy field at sunrise

Drone Panos

I’m an FAA-licensed drone pilot, and in my free time, I love capturing aerial panoramos.  It’s amazing how different the world looks from 400 feet!

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