😑 Aerial photography is over my head.

Colorado Springs, CO

Provo, UT

What I'm up to

Lead Creative.

A weekly curation of tools, resources, and thoughts to help creatives lead and leaders create.


Polywork is a up-and-coming professional network platform.  Like LinkedIn, but for people who have more going on than just their 9-5.

Public Code Collection

A growing collection of code snippets that I discover or use in my Webflow projects.

321 Landing Page

A project I developed to provide a low-ticket rapid deliverable to clients who didn’t need a full website build.  3 days. 2 grand. 1 revenue-generating machine.

Drone Panorama of snowy field at sunrise

Drone Panos

I’m an FAA-licensed drone pilot, and in my free time, I love capturing aerial panoramos.  It’s amazing how different the world looks from 400 feet!

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